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"The exclusive, legally secured right to reproduce, distribute, and perform a literary, musical, dramatic, or artistic work." -- Encyclopædia Britannica

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Welcome to the Copyright LibGuide! This Guide is designed to share information on copyright and related topics for facultry and students.


How do you violate copyright?

You violate copyright when you fail to give compensation, or use ideas (content,images, music) WITHOUT getting permission, even if you give credit.

Plagiarism is not the same as Copyright Infringement.


There are some exceptions in copyright law, where you can use items under the U.S. doctrine of Fair Use. Fair Use covers uses such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

You can also use items that are in the public domain (Public Domain items are no longer protected under copyright laws) or that have been released under certain Creative Commons licenses.

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These paths to resources outside the Library are in no way an endorsement of the views subscribed to or information provided by the linked web sites or pages. This page and the links contained within it are provided solely for informational purposes. The Library does not in any way guarantee the accuracy of the information presented. Those seeking legal advice are hereby advised that librarians cannot provide legal advice; you should seek the services of an attorney for individual circumstances concerning copyright, fair use, and all related issues.